A-to-Z(Amazon A-to-Z Guarantee claim):当买家不满意卖家销售的商品或服务时,买家可以发起A-to-Z来保护自己的利益。




不接受A-to-Z索赔申请的情况: 1.买家下订单后,卖家有默认的两个工作日进行配货,买家在这段时间提出索赔; 2.订单的追踪信息显示预计不久即可送达; 3.卖家已经退款给买家。


Dear Seller Performance Team,

Thank you for your concern about our account. Before receiving the performance review notification, we were exactly working with the customers to resolve their problems.

We firmly believe that we're not only providing the product but also the customer service.

Firstly, we're very sorry about the issues.

When the delivery was delayed, our response has been too slow and communication with customers has not been adequate./Due to our negligence in packaging and careless handling and transportation by the logistics company, the working condition of one item was not good. We had to ship the replacement item, but the customer had to wait for more time.

Secondly, we had contact with the customer and sorry to bring him inconvenience.

We would like to beg your consideration about the feedback of other items received by other buyers, some of them had left positive feedback and reviews to the product and admired our customer service.

If we have the chance to continue selling on Amazon, we will do as follows:

  1. We will make sure we ship out every item in integral and good working conditions.

  2. We will change the logistics service provider with a better transporting service.

  3. We will improve the customer experience by the pre-sale, in-sale, after-sale process.

Sincerely, we will try our best to provide good products and customer service on Amazon. Meanwhile, we sincerely hope the Amazon team will give serious consideration and give us a new chance.

Look forward to hearing from your reply. Thank you very much.

Best Regards,