Dear Amazon team,

Recently we received a notice from your team, stating that we are selling products that are prohibited by Amazon.

The following are the ASINs of related products:




We are very sorry that we made this kind of low-level mistake without understanding Amazon's policies. After deep reflection, we believe that the main reasons for our mistakes are:

  1. As a novice seller of Amazon, we still don't know much about Amazon's policy on restricted products, nor have we know the importance of the policy.
  2. Blindly sell prohibited products on our store without inquiring relevant information or consulting Amazon's professional customer service before uploading.

After receiving Amazon’s notice, we immediately took the following measures to remedy:

  1. We first find Amazon's banned products with the help of the Amazon team and learn more about Amazon's relevant policies.
  2. Timely delete and remove listings of Amazon's prohibited products.
  3. We stopped sending FBA inventory to Amazon.

But these measures of ours are not enough to ensure that we will sell compliantly on Amazon in the future, so we promise to Amazon that we will no longer sell prohibited products in the future:

  1. In the new product development stage, understand the laws of the local country and Amazon's policies, strictly abide by the laws and policies, and avoid the sale of prohibited products that violate regulations and laws
  2. When choosing products, avoid choosing products that are easy to violate regulations, and never upload prohibited products listed by Amazon again.
  3. Before upload products, we will check the prohibited products through the help page, and contact Amazon team in time to learn the latest policies and related certifications required for listing the product, so as to avoid making the same mistakes.
  4. Choose high-quality product suppliers to provide Amazon buyers with safer and higher-quality products and better services to enhance their confidence in Amazon.

Sincerely hope that you can give us a chance and restore our Amazon account. We will definitely reflect on this incident and sum up our experience, avoid the recurrence of the sale of prohibited goods, and we will aim at providing Amazon buyers with a better shopping experience.

Best Regards,