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一般来说,如果是因为账号二审不通过导致的封号、变体违规,或者是一些比较轻的情况,账户的钱会在90天之内转出到你后台绑定的收款账户。 如果是刷单、恶意跟卖、侵权等比较严重的行为,那么基本上是很难取出来的。你也可以通过申诉,看看自己的账号能否恢复,之后再去将自己的账户余额取出。



Dear Amazon seller support team,

We just received a notification from Amazon that our selling privilege has been removed because of selling prohibited products. We immediately checked our products mentioned by Amazon.

As a seller who has just been selling on Amazon for a short time, we lack the knowledge of Amazon's rules and contraband. Among the several products proposed by Amazon, We did not know that this is a prohibited products. We are so sorry for this. We have deleted those products proposed by Amazon and will never sell them again.

Through my store metrics and customer feedback, actually we are a seller with good service and good product quality. We have not received complaints or bad reviews from customers. Sincerely, we hope Amazon can take this into consideration.

If our selling privilege is restored, we will make plans as follows:

  1. We will learn through all the Amazon's policies and rules about selling.

  2. We will carefully check the inventory and violating products will be deleted immediately and will never be sold again.

  3. We will check all the products we sell to make sure that customers can receive the satisfactory products.

We promise we will do our best to provide good products and services to customers on Amazon. We sincerely hope you consider reinstating our account. Thank you very much.

Best regards,