1. 你的账号是新账号,没流量但是订单很多
  2. 订单多但库存不足,发货不及时
  3. 亚马逊判定你的店铺可能存在虚假发货行为



  • 说明自己的店铺是新店铺,新账号由资深运营人员操作,所以店铺销量上涨迅速,
  • 店铺下的产品近期有进行促销活动,如果有就说是促销导致订单激增。
  • 产品是季节性产品,现在刚好是适合这个产品销售的季节。
  • 从各方面说清楚短时间内店铺订单激增的原因,能更好的取得亚马逊信任,提高账号恢复成功率。








Dear Amazon seller support,

Thank you for your concern about our account.

We received a notification recently that our selling privilege has been removed cause our store's current sales volume is inconsistent with buyer feedback or current sales history. After the analysis of our operating staff, we have come to the following reasons that may lead to this situation:

  1. Our store is a new store operated by experienced operators, they are very familiar with Amazon's platform rules.
  2. The products in our store have recently carried out promotional activities, because it is just the right season for this product to be sold, so store sales are rising rapidly.
  3. Although we are a newcomer in the Amazon field, we have established Alibaba International Station more than ten years ago,(根据实际情况) and has very stable and mature suppliers. Besides, we have experience in other e-commerce platforms. In addition to Amazon, we also have eBay platforms and others. We have been working on these platforms for 3-5 years. (根据实际情况编写)We already have very complete e-commerce operation experience.
  4. The operation team and customer service team are all Is experienced.

For all paid orders, we will arrange shipment in time to ensure that the orders can be completed on time. Please see the attachment for the logistics information of some orders that have been shipped.

Here are some data related to our store: Our store business has been developing for (时间), the monthly sales volume is (数据), and we also sell this product in (你卖这个产品的其他平台). You can view our selling history n the attachments.(including order history report, the tracking record of the orders that have been shipped and sold, the record of previous buyer comments; the record of the after-sales of the product, and the screenshot of the email message after the buyer confirms the receipt, etc.

Thanks again for the review team’s time and hope to help solve it as soon as possible. We will surely manage the store well and do business with conscientiousness. We hope that Amazon can restore the sales right of our store.

Best regard!