如果亚马逊卖家遇上被投诉侵权,不要急着回复亚马逊的邮件,先主动和投诉者联系,承认错误,并且告诉他们你已经下架所有的侵权产品保证不会再销售有关产品,一般有一些公司在你下架产品之后是会撤回投诉的,这样就不用再联系亚马逊那么麻烦了。发了一封邮箱没回复之后再发记得抄送给亚马逊notice 邮箱。



Dear Sir,

I am (你的称呼) from (店铺名称), Amazon seller of the ASIN: (亚马逊提及你违规的产品). We are informed that these products infringe your intellectual property right.

First of all, I apologize for that if we did. When we received the infringement notice from the Amazon team, we immediately check our listing. But we did not sure what kind of intellectual right we infringed, we hope you can tell us directly to solve this as soon as possible. And we sincerely hope to solve this amicably. If our product did infringe your property right, we will remove it, and we promise not to do that again.

We are waiting for your reply.




  • 开头致歉并讲明事情的起因
  • 首先说明你已经移除亚马逊提及的所有侵权的ASIN,并且检测整个店铺是否有类似产品,把可能存在侵权的产品都已经全部下架。
  • 告诉亚马逊你已经更换了一个供应商,并且提供新的供应商的联系信息,官网等证明你有正规的进货渠道,
  • 进一步向亚马逊说明你已经组建了专门的团队,检查所有的在售产品页面,避免任何的侵权可能性。
  • 还会请专业的团队来做版权方面知识的培训,让自己的产品向更专业方向发展
  • 而且以后会继续坚持一丝不苟,所有产品都会通过层层筛查之后才会上架杜绝可能侵权的行为。
  • 其次是对亚马逊规则的学习,表明自己从此以后会认真学习亚马逊的所有规则,如果还是有什么不懂的会先去问亚马逊客服再做打算。
  • 最后表达你的决心和诚意,请求亚马逊恢复你的销售权限,希望能尽快得到回复。

Dear Amazon Team,

We received a policy warning on xxxxxx(日期) stating that Amazon has removed some products from our site because of a right owner complaint about products that infringe its intellectual property rights. Product ASIN: Complaint ID: We apologize for our wrong behavior. We will carefully read related Amazon policies before we build new listings, and we will not sell any products that infringe other intellectual property rights.

We have contacted the rights owner immediately to sole this dispute, but several days passed, we have sent e-mails to the complainant for many times, but still no reply from them. Seen the attachments, proof of our contacting records with the complainant.

We have removed all infringing ASINs you have mentioned in the e-mail, detected whether there are similar products in the whole store, and deleted all the products that we think could potentially violate the policies.

Here are the things our company has done to prevent such an issue from happening again:

  1. We changed our supplier. The contact information is (供应商联系方式), and the official website is: (供应商官网)our goods are purchased through formal channels.
  2. We also set up a special team to check all the product pages on sale to avoid any possible possibility of infringement.
  3. We will invite a professional team to do the training on copyright knowledge to make our products more professional, and we will continue to adhere to the meticulous working attitude in the future.

From now on, we will seriously study all Amazon rules and will not violate them in the future. If there is still something we don't understand, we will ask Amazon customer service first and then make plans.

I would like to apologize again for my carelessness in management. We hope Amazon can give us a chance again, and please do let us know what else can we do and we will do everything we can to meet the target.

Look forward to your reply soon.


On behalf of(你的店铺名称)