如果你是新卖家跟卖别人的listing被投诉的话,那么第一件要做的事就是把亚马逊警告邮件提到的产品都删掉,然后还要重新检查自己所有的产品Listing是否还存在类似侵权可能性, 把存在侵权可能性的Listing都进行下架处理后,再写邮件给亚马逊进行申诉。


  • 向亚马逊认错道歉,
  • 说明发生这种情况的原因,
  • 你对此做出的行动,
  • 未来你要怎么样。



Dear Amazon, Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to appeal the cancellation of our Amazon sales privilege. For this incident, we hereby sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused. In the future, we will abide by our duty and strictly implement Amazon's rules and regulations to provide buyers with a good shopping environment and leave a good impression on Amazon.

Please see our information below:

Our sales authority was cancelled by Amazon on XXXXX (date) because some of our products violated Amazon’s relevant policies, especially intellectual property rights. Through analysis, we have come to the reasons that may cause this problem:

  1. We are a new Amazon seller and are not familiar with the rules and regulations of the platform
  2. Poor management of the store and failure to allocate work tasks reasonably, which led to the negligence of employees in reviewing products
  3. Because it is a new store, our employees are also newly recruited, and the training is not good enough

What we did after receiving this notice:

  1. The products mentioned in the email were deleted as soon as possible, and we also checked all the products in the store to ensure that there is no similar situation.
  2. We sent an apology email to the complainants asking for their forgiveness.
  3. Hold a meeting now to explain Amazon's relevant rules to all employees.

Our future plan:

  1. We will carefully read Amazon's relevant policies before creating a new listing. We will not sell any products that infringe other intellectual property rights.
  2. We will regularly conduct Amazon knowledge training for employees to ensure that our employees meet professional standards.
  3. Although we are a new Amazon seller, we hope to have the opportunity to provide sales services on Amazon. We will do our best to be an honest seller.

We hope Amazon can give me another chance. If you need any other information, please feel free to contact us.

Looking forward to your reply.