亚马逊配送前卖家订单取消率太高被封怎么办?怎么减小CR(pre-fulfillment cancellation rate)?


订单取消率 (CR): 是在给定的 7 天时间段内,卖家取消的所有订单占订单总数的百分比。


pre-fulfillment cancellation rate申诉信模板


  1. 你的店铺暂时关闭几个月,但却没有把店面转换到休假模式,
  2. 旺季订单太多来不及发货,库存不足等导致取消订单。


Dear Amazon Seller-Performance Team,

Hello, I'm the owner of XXX store. Recently, we received an account suspension warning email from Amazon. We sincerely apologize for our mistakes. After analysis, we have found the reasons for the high cancellation rate of our stores:

1. Now is the peak sales season of our store. There are too many orders to ship, so we took the initiative to cancel some orders

2. There has been a shortage of inventory in the warehouse recently

3. Due to the negligence of the staff, there were missing delivery, and the customer did not accept the re delivery, so we apologized to the customer and took the initiative to cancel the order

4. We are not particularly familiar with Amazon's rules

In short, we are really sorry for this situation and hope Amazon can see our solutions:

1. We have increased manpower to help deliver goods and ensure that every order can be issued

2. Contacted the supplier to transfer goods and replenish inventory at the first time. There will be no shortage again

3. Add additional personnel to check the delivery of each order to ensure that each order is delivered on time

4. Amazon rules training was given to all employees immediately, and there will be no more violations

What we intend to do in the future:

1. We contacted a reliable logistics company to ensure that the goods can arrive on time

2. We decided to try overseas warehouse delivery mode or FBA delivery

3. We will reach an agreement with suppliers to ensure sufficient supply of goods every quarter

4. We will provide employees with Amazon knowledge training regularly to make every employee familiar with Amazon rules and eliminate violations

The above is the content of our rectification. I hope Amazon can accept our determination of sincere repentance and give us another chance to reform. We will try our best to provide Amazon customers with a better shopping environment. Hope to receive a reply, thank you!

Best Regard!

On Behalf of XXX