自查方法: 检查你账户的Customer Metrics页面弄清楚到底是哪个指标不合格,影响ODR值的指标有: 1. 1-2星的negative feedback 2. A-to-Z claims 3. Chargebacks claims(简单来说就是差评和纠纷)



Dear Amazon Seller Performance Team,

Thank you for your concern about our account. After receiving your email, we immediately checked and look up to the Amazon policy and learned about selling behavior and FBA policy. We have checked our distribution chain carefully, and we find some questions now. Here are some actions we took:

  1. We used FBM shipping service before, and we have chosen FBA service and our products are packaged and shipped directly by the supplier, so that we can ship our products in time.

  2. We checked orders carefully to make sure everything was in good condition and right item before shipping it out.

  3. We will monitor and count all the product inventory every day to ensure that all our products on sell have a very ideal inventory.

  4. We offered an unconditional 60-day money-back guarantee and new replacement as required on every damage and bad quality purchase to serve our clients best interests. Every email will be answered within 24 hours and try best to solve all of questions from customer feedback.

We promise we will do our best to provide good products and services to customers on Amazon. We sincerely hope you consider reinstating our selling privilege. Thank you very much.

Best regards,