1. 违反亚马逊政策
  2. 出售限制销售的产品
  3. 亚马逊监测到你的表现正在下降

你可以通过查看卖家中心内的“Performance Notifications”来了解账号被冻结的具体原因。除此之外,卖家还会收到一封名为“Your Amazon.com selling privileges have been removed”的通知,意思是你的销售权限被移除了,里面包含了亚马逊认为违反政策的ASIN。


  1. 定期检查亚马逊报告,就和体检一样,哪里有问题要及时注意
  2. 检查listing是否准确真实
  3. 使用FBA发货
  4. 不要售假


如果亚马逊冻结了你的账号,首先要确定账号被冻结的原因,准备提交申诉后,在Performance Notifications中找到账号冻结通知的“Appeal”提交行动计划。

Dear Amazon performance team,

Thank you so much for your concern of our account. We just received a notification that our selling privilege has been removed because of ...(原因) Actually, we did take actions to resolve the problem before receiving your warning. Here are details that we conclude from those problems and we would like to improve all the way on Amazon selling to satisfy our customer and service good products and communication.

Issues we concluded:

  1. There are some pasts confused our customer during their use.
  2. A few orders were missed when shipping which makes customer wait long.
  3. Product information need to be updated in time for customers to choose their right product.

We are taking the following steps to improve our performance:

  1. Improve inventory control by reducing the number of items offered until we have systems in place to more adequately handle the number of orders we are receiving.
  2. Monitor our performance metrics to assure we are meeting the standards set by Amazon and our own standards of quality customer service.

In the future we will do as follows:

  1. We will learn through all the policies and rules about selling on your platform.
  2. We will check the listings in our account to see if they provide enough information for customers to make their right decisions.

Sincerely, we will try our best to provide good products and services to customers on Amazon selling. We sincerely hope you consider reinstating our account. Thank you very much.

Look forward to your reply!

Best regards,






We reviewed your account and the information you provided, and we have decided that you may sell on Amazon.com again. In our efforts to protect our community, we sometimes err on the side of caution. We are sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.


Seller Performance Team