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不必过分担心亚马逊会任何时候都要求卖家提供发票,最主要有下面3种情况是需要提供发票审核的: 1. 注册完成后的账户审核阶段,刚开始上传新品时 2. 由于商品质量或假货侵权原因,亚马逊对你的账户进行调查时 3. 当卖家上传新品时,如果遇到某些品类限制可能需要提供该产品的购买发票。 因为发票是可以表现卖家产品的真实性的,所以大家在进货时最好要求供货商开具增值税专用发票,以便如果需要审核的时候能够提交,更好的通过审核。


  • 发票号码

  • 发票代码

  • 开票日期

  • 验证码

  • 购买方纳税人识别号(卖家)

  • 购买方的姓名和地址

  • 销售方纳税人识别号

  • 产品名称

  • 供应商的名称及地址等联系方式

  • 至少10件的组合购买数量


  • 发票中的公司名称与地址信息必须与后台一致。发票上的信息要及时同步后台的卖家信息。

  • 确保发票中供应商的信息清晰准确。亚马逊会联系供应商确认发票细节。所以要让供应商做好准备,尽可能提供准确的联系信息。

  • 注意发票上的产品数量是否清晰可见,与亚马逊上销售的产品数量是否一致。产品描述要清晰,零件编号方便亚马逊查找。

  • 发票日期必须是180天内,能证明你的产品交付或者购买是在180天内。

  • 开票商品数量:商品数量不止是过去365天的销售数量,而是过去365天的销售数量+FBA库存数量。

  • 购买方的名称,地址,联系方式一定要和店铺后台一一对应。

  • 供应商应该拥有专业的网站,保证调查人员能够找到供应商的所有信息。


Dear Amazon Seller Performance Team,

We received your notification today that our selling privilege has been removed due to (原因)

We checked our listings as soon as we received this mail and we are very sorry about our ignorance. We had already removed the listing and promise to compensate the customers that have purchased this product.

Here are the details about copies of invoices or receipts from our supplier:


If our selling privilege is restored, we will make plans to avoid similar situation occur in the future:

  1. we will thoroughly review all Amazon Policies and Agreements to make sure we have the proper credentials to sell these items as new on Amazon.

  2. We will check the listings in our account to see if there have some which do not meet your requirements, if it does, we will fix it immediately.

  3. We will check all the products we've been sold, any complaints or product issues we will solve them in a proper way within 12h in favor of the customer's right.

We've always been a responsible seller and obeying Amazon's rules. We would treasure the opportunity greatly if Amazon could reinstate our selling privilege. We sincerely wish to have the opportunity to work with Amazon again to satisfy customers.

Look forward to your reply.

Best regards,