Dear Amazon Seller Performance Team: We are contacting you regarding the suspension of our seller account. We are aware that the delay in shipping orders from the store has caused the late delivery rate to be higher than 4% First of all, we apologize for our negligence. We analyzed the problem and summarized that there are two main reasons: 1. There are problems with our management methods, out of stock, logistics methods, insufficient manpower, and insufficient communication with customers. These are all reasons for delays in delivery. 2. Recently, it is the peak season of logistics, and the warehouse has been blown out seriously, leading to the situation that the goods are received first and not shipped in time. We have reviewed our fulfillment procedures and determined that we need to do the following to change this situation: 1. In the following operations, we will definitely contact relevant suppliers in advance to purchase sufficient sources. We will build an overseas warehouse to ensure timely delivery. We guarantee that there will be no more cases where customers have paid but there is no inventory, and orders cannot be shipped on time. 2. We realize that we need additional support to manage the fulfillment of Amazon orders. In order to achieve the goal of more than 98% on-time delivery, we added additional staff to support the sales staff in our retail stores who handle Amazon delivery. This will enable us to prepare the package and prepare it for more efficient delivery. 3. In addition, we have prepared FBA goods to hire more employees. If we FBA sell the goods, there will be no late delivery of the goods. Moreover, customers will get a perfect shopping experience. Because we have found that FBA is the best way to solve this problem. 4. We will hire more customer service staff to communicate with each customer in advance about the delivery method and delivery period, and provide customers with efficient and high-quality services. We are just waiting for the release of the sale, I have enough confidence that we will do better in the future, please give us a chance to prove it. Thank you for considering this appeal. Sincerely look forward to replying! Best Regard! XXX