世界知识产权组织(WIPO)官方网站对于商标的定义是这样的:商标是将某商品或服务标明是某具体个人或企业所生产或提供的商品或服务的显著标志。 我们通常所说的商标侵权即在没有收到商标持有人的允许和授权的情况下,擅自使用了对方商标的侵权行为。 一般商标侵权会出现在:图片、listing、关键词、以及产品本身和产品外包装上。





Dear Amazon seller support,

We just received your email that our selling account has been deactivated and our listings have been removed due to intellectual property violations. After receiving your email, we have rechecked all our listings. We are sorry for the mistake we made.

We were not familiar with Amazon policy listed generic items against the branded ASIN. After receiving your notification, we have deleted all ASINs related to this infringement, and we have commissioned a trademark agency to register our trademark in the us, in the future we will give priority to the sale of products with our own brand. Besides, we conduct a unified inventory check of all the products currently sold to ensure that there is no infringement that violates Amazon's rules.

If our selling account is restored, we will do as follows:

  1. We will learn Amazon intellectual property policies carefully to make sure this issue will not happen again.
  2. We will check the listings in our account to be sure no ASIN violates any rules of Amazon.
  3. We have commissioned a trademark agency toregister our trademark in the us, in the future we will give priority to thesale of products with our own brand.

We promise we will do our best to provide good products and services to customers on Amazon. We sincerely hope you consider reinstating our account. Thank you very much.

Best regards,