Dear Amazon,

We have received the email stating that the store has been removed Amazon selling privileges. We are very sorry that our mistake caused this problem. After receiving the warning, we took measures immediately, including checked all the products in the store, and deleted ASIN and other products that may have quality problems mentioned in the email. We have contacted the buyer to apologize and will make reasonable compensation if necessary.

We found that the causes of this problem are:

  1. A material used by the supplier (the specific material depends on the actual situation of your product) is easy to be damaged, resulting in the possible rupture of the product during transportation.
  2. Due to our negligence, we didn't check the products very carefully during the inspection.
  3. We didn't contact the buyer in time to understand the after-sales situation.

What we will do next and what we will stick to in the future:

  1. Replace a trusted supplier and use strong materials.
  2. Reinforce the packaging. If necessary, we will use FBA logistics.
  3. Adding quality control and inspection in goods procurement to minimize product quality risk.
  4. Strengthen the after-sales service of products, timely follow up orders and improve service quality.
  5. We guarantee that we will not sell these products in the future, and all products in the store will be upload after passing the quality audit.