1. 去退货管理里面查看该产品的退货原因。 2. 去绩效里的买家之声里查看该产品的买家评论反馈情况。 3. 根据查到的原因和对产品的推断,去锁定总结可能存在什么问题导致被投诉产品质量还是产品包装或者物流或者使用操作的问题。 4. 根据找到的原因去一一对应写具体措施



Dear Amazon product review team,

We received a warning email and learned that Amazon attaches great importance to product quality complaints. I would like to share with you my action plan to solve this problem.

We analyzed the root causes of customer complaints.

After carefully checking all orders, seller feedback, product reviews, checking A-Z claims, and return reports about (具体产品), we determined that these complaints were caused by insufficient product descriptions, poor quality, and damaged packaging. (可能是其他原因,根据实际情况定)

  1. Our products are easily damaged during transportation due to material reasons, making customers think they are second-hand products.
  2. The packaging of the(具体产品) was damaged before being delivered to the customer by the FBA warehouse. Damage was caused during the final delivery of FB.
  3. Amazon puts customer returns of FBA customers back into sellable inventory.

The measures we have taken to resolve complaints about the condition of the items.

  1. I have approved all return requirements for(具体产品), and refunded in time to all buyers who have such problems.
  2. I have personally checked all remaining stocks of (具体产品) and discarded all products with damaged packaging.
  3. We will use anti-loose stickers to seal the packaging (具体产品) and send emails to customers to inform them that if the anti-theft seal on the packaging is damaged, they can contact us for a refund or replacement.
  4. We have notified our product suppliers to use stronger parts instead of production, and we have also asked them to replace the stronger packaging, which can help prevent any damage during transportation.
  5. The cartons we ship will also increase reinforcement operations to prevent the products from being damaged during the transportation from the Chinese factory to the Amazon warehouse.
  6. We have disabled the setting of "repacking non-saleable customer returns". Ensure that Amazon does not put returned items back into sellable inventory.

We promise that before any inventory is sent to Amazon FBA in future operations, our quality control team will check the condition of our items to ensure that all customers receive them in 100% perfect condition. Please let us know what should be done to reinstate our account, we are looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for considering this appeal.

Best Regard!