Hello, We are the brand owner of products with ASIN XXXX. We noticed that you have sold our products with ASIN XXXX. We only accept retailers authorized to sell by us, and you have listed a specific product ASIN: XXXXXXXXX, This product is exclusively sold by XXXX(与卖家签订协议的零售方) authorized retailers that have signed an agreement with us. As the trademark owner, we have not sold or authorized you to sell any XXXX (卖家的品牌) products. Unauthorized selling of our brand's products is a serious violation of the trademark law, which also completely deviates from Amazon's policy, and Amazon will never tolerate such behavior. We urge you to follow our instructions: Remove all your related products on Amazon within 24 hours, and guarantee that there will be no further follow-up without authorization. After you delete it, please send us a confirmation message. We sincerely hope that this matter can be resolved peacefully. If you do not comply with these requirements, we will have no choice but to file a formal complaint with the Amazon Seller Performance Department. This will seriously affect your Amazon performance, and your account may be at risk of being blocked. Sincerely, on behalf of XXX(卖家品牌)