1. 在卖家店铺后台打开链接
  2. 打开链接之后,开始填写信息。
  3. Are you the Rights Owner or an Agent? 选择 Rights Owner
  4. The primary complaint pertains to,选择copyright concerns - unauthorized use of copyrighted material such as text, photos, product designs, videos, music, software.
  5. The specific concern is,选择第1项或者第2项。如果对方完全是山寨,可以选择第2项(the product or its packaging is pirated (wholesale copying of the copyrighted product or packaging)),否则第1项(the physical product or its packaging includes unauthorized copyrighted content or images without being pirated)
  6. Name of Brand,输入你的品牌
  7. Please provide one of the following: A written description of the copyrighted work,输入被侵权的内容,因为你主图被盗用,所以输入Product Image
  8. Additional Information,可以输入一些关于你的商标注册信息
  9. ASIN位置输入对方侵权的asin


填了盗图者的 ASIN 或 URL选择Specific images之后会出现这个链接的所有图片,勾选你认为侵权的图片。一般投诉成功的话,亚马逊很快就会删除盗用你的图片,如果没成功你就继续申诉并提供相关证明直到成功为止。