• 盗用其他卖家listing的图片
  • 产品图片带有其他品牌logo,水印
  • 未经授权拍摄其他品牌产品图片作为自己产品的主图




Dear Seller Performance Team,

Thank you for your notification regarding the policy violations on XXX product, and we apologize for the inconvenience caused to you by the serious mistakes we made. When we received your email about this issue, we had created a removal order for our FBA inventory to prevent similar complaints.

We contacted the complainant at (the time you contacted the complainant) and asked them to withdraw the complaint. We promised them: We will delete all infringing pictures and remove the related listings, and promise that we will not make such mistakes in the future. We also copied the email to Amazon, but so far we have not received any response. We will pay close attention to this issue and hope that it can be resolved amicably through consultations.

After receiving your email, we take the following measures:

  1. Since we received a warning notice about the infringement of our product images, we deleted all the potentially infringing images as soon as possible. After deleting this listing, we will no longer sell it.
  2. We have contacted the right holder to withdraw the complaint and extend our sincerest apology, but we have not received any reply so far. We will pay close attention to the reply.

Regarding this issue, we have taken the following measures to help us resolve the issue and prevent similar complaints.

  1. We checked all the list details from the pictures (including the title, description and main points, etc.) to ensure that no information was misunderstood.
  2. We have established a professional processing team responsible for 100% matching of product descriptions, pictures, key points, search terms, etc.
  3. All pictures from our store will taken and designed by ourselves in the future to prevent similar situations.
  4. All emails or complaints will be answered and resolved within 24 hours. Provide our customers with good after-sales service.
  5. We hope Amazon can give us another chance. If you need any other information, please feel free to contact us.

Yours sincerely,