注意: 在这种情况下,卖家首先需要明白,安全问题在亚马逊看来是个非常严重的问题,如电器漏电可能因为安全问题而引发火灾,产品带尖锐部件伤人致残甚至死亡,小物件被婴儿儿童吃入,这些玩具产品可能因为安全问题而导致小孩受伤、致残甚至死亡,包装袋没有透气孔会导致窒息等等。可能在买家眼里很多细节都不会注意到,觉得这并没有什么,觉得凭什么封号产品完全没问题,但实际上亚马逊绝对不会掉以轻心,但凡可能存在安全隐患的产品,都有可能被下架。


Dear Amazon support team,

Our list has been frozen due to product security issues. We hereby provide the required supporting materials to restore the list as soon as possible.公司名称:XXX卖方/供应商ID:XXX电子邮件地址:XXX电话号码:XXX

申请销售的Asin列表: 型号: ASIN: XXX


These products are really important to us. We cherish the opportunity to sell on Amazon, and we will continue to improve. We hope you can view our files and restore the list as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Here is our response to customer complaints about product safety:

We attach great importance to this problem. In order to ensure the safety of our customers, we conducted an investigation, found the cause, and formulated an action plan to solve the problem.

Causes of problems:

  1. The customer said that the product will overheat and be afraid of explosion, it may be caused by inappropriate use( long-term use,use near other heating object...). Moreover, our products have safety protection measures and can be used safely.

  2. The customer said that our products have strange taste and fear of poisoning. It may be because of some people don't like the taste. Of course, our products use environmentally friendly and non-toxic materials.

Our steps taken to ensure that similar complaints do not occur again:

First of all, please allow me to explain that our products fully meet the safety standards and have XXX (根据实际情况填写) certification. It is safe and harmless from material, packaging to use. We will directly label the products with precautions. Detailed instructions and suggestions are also provided in the manual and instructions.

  1. Before shipment, test all key functions of all equipment to ensure that each equipment can be used 100% safely.

  2. Introduce the products to customers more simply and clearly, so that they can know more about the products and use them more confidently

  3. Improve the website quality, comprehensively check the product listing, and then improve it

  4. Directly communicate with customers to solve this problem, pay close attention to other feedback of products, and better upgrade products

  5. Try to produce a variety of odors for different customers to choose.

We believe that the above measures will prevent similar incidents. Please check the certification documents in the attachment. We hope to restore our selling privileges as soon as possible. Thank you!

Best Regard!

On behalf of XXX