Dear Amazon Team,

We have received the email about removed XXX Amazon selling privileges because of buyer's complaint of product XXX. We sincerely apologize for our mistakes. We have found the reason by checking every details of the product.

We realize that our mistakes are in the following aspects:

  1. List products that do not exactly match the details page.
  2. The information about products on our details page is not specific enough, which may mislead customers.
  3. We did not specify what kind of material the product is actually, resulting in the inconsistency between the product and the customer's expectations.
  4. The pictures of our products were not clear and did not completely show the original appearance of the products.

We have taken and will continue to take the following steps:

  1. We have deleted all lists that are not within the scope of policy. Only when the product is 100% matched with its ASIN will we upload it.

  2. We have checked all warehouse inventory and taken out all items showing signs of damage or defects. This ensures that all products are "new", as described on the details page.

  • First, we check the ASIN and UPC codes to know whether the goods in stock are the same as the goods (or return and exchange) received by the buyer;
  • Product interface: compare whether the format, supplier and color of photos, titles and subtitles are different from those of real objects;
  • Product focus: check whether the commodity needs to be put into the packaging box, and show the product certificate and accessories. Check whether the commodity is missing a part, intact and can be used normally.
  • Product elements, specifications and models: check whether the net weight, overall dimensions, models and specifications and compatibility mode match
  • Product Description: contact the supplier to see how the supplier reflects the product;
  1. We have rewritten the description and key points to improve the accuracy of the presentation of items according to standards.

  2. We have refilled all weights, dimensions and quantities of each order.

  3. We have re photographed all items with inaccurate display products.

Please let us know what we should do to restore our account, and we look forward to your reply.