亚马逊买家已签收包裹,但是却提交了A-Z Claim,该怎么办?




Dear Amazon Team,

We are the seller of XXXX. The reason for this appeal is that we have determined that you have misjudged the claim of order XXX.

First of all, we contacted the logistics company and they confirmed that the order has been signed for, and provided a photo when it was signed. The delivery company said that they will call the buyer according to the reserved phone number on the courier bill during delivery, and they provide us with phone call records. (see in the attachment)

We also confirmed that the receipt address is the same as the order address filled in by the buyer (please check the specific time and place in the attachment).

Therefore, we believe this order is completed, and there is no uncompleted delivery. We are confused and think that it may be the buyer calling someone else to sign the product and they did not communicate in time and made a mistake. But we don't know the truth.

We hope that you can find out the situation and help us to solve this problem.

Best Regards!